VWorld is a dominant force in server virtualization, Server setup & maintenance. Offering high-grade server virtualization software to varied clients across the globe. We have a team of expert IT engineers who have great command over maintaining your server and controlling IT costs by providing end-to-end solutions to diversified industry verticals.

Our server virtualization team is widely involved in your IT infrastructure to reduce your operating system costs, improve the efficiency, and eliminate server sophistication by expanding the uses of existing resources. We provide the best server virtualization services for our valuable clients from businesses of any size globally in the market and help them to achieve their business goal by delivering cost-effective IT solutions. Server virtualization is the process of distributing a physical server into multiple small virtual servers with the help of virtualization software applications. In server virtualization, each virtual server runs on multiple operating systems independently at the same time.

Our server virtualization solutions and services come along with VMware software, citrix software, server setup, server maintenance, Amazon Web Service (AWS), and cloud computing. It includes the unique number and identity of operating systems, processors, and physical servers.

Key Benefits of Using Server Virtualization Services Offered by VWorld Technology

  • Higher server proficiency

  • Adaptable

  • Eliminate server sophistication

  • Increased application performance

  • Deploy workload quicker

  • Reduced operating costs on servers

  • Easier to backup and restore from crises

  • Software updates and security patches

VMware and Citrix Server

VMware and Citrix both are widely used for cloud computing, IT system requirements, and other related IT functions. VMware mainly develops cloud environments and is utilized for software testing in various operating systems. Citrix also does the same function for mobile applications and provides a cloud environment by giving remote access from desktop to desktop with the help of cloud support.

Our team of expert cloud engineers will give you the best server solutions that add true value to your business and help you achieve your project goal more effectively. VMware server is generally utilized by small and medium-sized enterprises while Citrix Xenserver is mainly used by personal users and small to medium-sized businesses. Our VMware and Citrix software servers are extremely loyal to use for your IT needs and give you 100% satisfaction with the result-driven cloud solutions.

Our VMware and Citrix Technology Services Provide Benefits in

  • 24/7 uninterrupted system performance

  • Reduced server costs

  • Low every consumption

  • Backup and Restore

  • High-level Security

  • Zero Downtime

Server Setup and Maintenance

We provide outstanding server setup and server maintenance services for all your IT needs.
VWorld has a team of talented IT engineers who have great experience and expertise in almost all types of servers, web hosting, server setup & maintenance, virtual machines, cloud computing, etc.

We provide server setup, server maintenance, server repairs, server upgrades, and other related services for varied clients from diversified industry verticals and ensure that your system is up to date and running smoothly. We can help you set up your server in the most professional way and keep your system up to date by providing server maintenance frequently from time to time. Our server setup and maintenance services will help reduce the risk of data loss, failure in system & hardware and improve the performance of your entire IT system.

Our Server Setup & Server Maintenance Services Provide Benefits in

  • Reduced risks of breakdowns

  • High-Performance

  • Improve efficiency

  • Reduced server Costs

  • Access to automate updates and patches

Cloud Computing Services

We provide cloud computing services for different applications and infrastructure needs, like databases, servers, virtual computers, data storage, CRM, etc.
Cloud computing services are on high-demand that give the best IT solutions to address all your business needs in a minimum time period and align costs to actual data usage.

At VWorld, we have a team of expert cloud engineers who have wide knowledge and experience in managing IT costs, reducing risks, and improving the efficiency of your business by delivering high-end IT cloud solutions to worldwide clients. Our cloud computing services can help you simplify application uses, store, and defend content in the most successful way.

Our VMware and Citrix Technology Services Provide Benefits in

  • Reduced IT costs

  • Maximize efficiency

  • Scalability

  • Business continuity

  • Flexibility of work practices


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  • Helix Security Platform

    Applies threat intelligence, automation, and case management to FireEye and third-party solutions in a unified security operations platform.

  • Network Security and Forensics

    Provides network visibility and protection against the world’s most sophisticated and damaging cyber attacks.

  • Endpoint Security

    Provides comprehensive endpoint defense, protecting users from common threats, detecting advanced attacks, and empowering response.

  • Email Security

    Detects email-based cyber attacks and blocks the most dangerous threats including malicious attachments, phishing sites and impersonation attacks.

  • Expertise On Demand

    Provides flexible access to FireEye’s industry-recognized security expertise and threat intelligence.

  • Threat Intelligence

    Empowers security teams with forward-looking, high fidelity, adversary-focused intelligence and actionable advice.



Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, VWORLD has you covered with industry compliant solutions, customized to your company’s specific needs.


6 Reasons to Become a VWorld Technology Partner and Take a Smart Move for Your Business To Grow Organically in the Next World

Here are 6 reasons that make us unique and different from others and help you build a strong IT infrastructure, server maintenance, IT deployment, software management, and support your people and guide you on the latest trends and best approaches to reduce the risk of your business to move forward safely and maximise the overall efficiency of your team with increased productivity.
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    Trustworthy People

    We have a team of young professionals who are smart, creative and think out of the box to address all the needs and requirements of any business success.

  • diploma-2983_a6bb0b64-dbc1-431e-ac00-a83597982a0

    Experienced Team

    With over 25 years of experience in IT consulting services, we have achieved great success by helping thousands of brands across the globe to grow their businesses to a wide range of advanced technologies, varied industries, and wide applications.

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    Outstanding Customer Service

    Customer Satisfaction is our first priority. So, we aim to provide excellent customer service through effective communication via phone and remote access and ensure that every client is completely satisfied with our service.

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    Dedicated IT Support

    Our dedicated IT Support Specialists are highly experienced who have the expertise to resolve any type of IT issues quickly through effective communication via telephone, chat, remote access or on-site visit.

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    One-Stop IT Solutions

    the world is a one-stop solution for all your IT needs and system requirements. We are capable of handling every aspect of your IT infrastructure including 24/7 monitoring of servers, IT deployment, software management and many more

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    We are committed to delivering the most professional IT services with cutting edge technology solutions that add real value to our customers to move forward.

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